The Wiki about the movie Aquamarine that anyone can edit.

Wecome to this wikia, both humans and merfolk!

We currently have two active admins (Karen Petrova-Laufeyson and Wolf 91) on this wiki so feel free to contact us! There are other users on this wiki as well helping to contribute.

Please respect all our users? We want everyone to be respected! And please follow the rules and regulations of a wiki site. Thank you everyone!

Have fun exploring this unique wiki!

Meet ALL the unique and awesome characters of "Aquamarine". Trust us; it'll be worth it ;D !

Meet the Main Characters


The best human friend who is unfortunately in Australia with her mom.


The kind best human friend who still awaits the return of both her human and mermaid best friends.


Claire and Hailey's best fishy friend and the main protagonist of this film.


The no good, spoiled rich girl; A major antagonist to this fishy film!


The innocent, hot boy all the girls want, but Aquamarine loves most.

Do you want there to be a fan fiction sequel written for this film?

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Who is the best character?

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